Use Cases

The Energy use case will evaluate cross sector security aspects between different types of OESs. The telco’s will provide a reliable communication channel and a fallback communication path, which will become available in an automated way if a cyberattack occur. Business continuity will be ensured, switching to the appropriate alternative technology depending on the criticality of the affected operations.

The Transport use case will deploy the next generation services for a digital railway infrastructure improving the proactive strategy to predict cyber-attacks, identifying and isolating security and safety threats of rain operations by subdividing the system in 3-layer: data collection, data processing and data analytics.

The Health use case will build security solutions to ensure business continuity focussing on supply chain attacks targeting the delivery pipeline to preserve the General Healthcare System of Cyprus from malicious code deployment in the production servers, which could severely impact portal functionality, and even disrupt the healthcare operations of the entire country as a whole.