PHOENI2X aims at delivering a Cyber Resilience Framework providing Artificial Intelligence – assisted orchestration, automation and response capabilities for business continuity and recovery, incident response, and information exchange, tailored to the needs of Operators of Essential Services (OES) and of the EU Member State National Authorities entrusted with cybersecurity. 

Through the deployment PHOENi2X Cyber Resilience Centres, OES will gain:

  1. Enhanced Situational Awareness with AI-assisted Prediction, Prevention, Detection and Response capabilities, and business risk impact assessment-based prioritisation 
  2. Proactive and reactive Resilience Automation, Orchestration, and Response (ROAR) mechanisms, providing Business Continuity, Recover and Cyber & Physical Incident Response
  3. Increased Preparedness through relevant Serious Games and realistic Resilience Cyber Range (RCR) Assessment & Training 
  4. Timely and actionable Information Exchange between OES, National Authorities and EU actors, leveraging interoperable and standardised alerting and reporting mechanisms and processes