ISBeRG Railways Biannual Meeting

During the week of the 6th of November, the ISBeRG Railways Biannual Meeting was held on FGC premises, in Barcelona. ISBeRG is an International Suburban Rail Benchmarking Consortium, led by the Imperial College of London, and consisting of 15 suburban rail operators, coming from Copenhagen, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Barcelona, London, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Oslo, San Francisco and Sao Paulo. This program monitors and evaluates the efficiency of the operators using various Key Performance Indicators.

One of the sessions was dedicated to innovation, where Carles Miralpeix i Llorach, a member of FGC and enrolled in the PHOENI2X project, presented the current situation of the enterprise in terms of innovation, focusing on the main projects in which FGC is participating. In this presentation, he explained the importance of projects such as PHOENI2X to improve railway cybersecurity, one of the main pillars of the industry as a critical infrastructure and service.