PHOENI2X Fourth Plenary meeting

4th PHOENI2X Plenary Meeting

The PHOENI2X 4th Plenary meeting has been celebrated the 7 and 8 of September, 2023, in Athens, Greece. The meeting was hosted by Public Power Corporation (PPC) and its main objective was to discuss the three pilots of the project, focussing on the integration of the PHOENI2X tools and conclude the definition of the testbeds of the project for M18.  

The first day discussions revolved around the definition of the Pilots’ testbeds and tools integration. First, the progress on the Baseline Testbed deployment was reviewed, followed by the presentation of the three different use cases: Energy lead by PPC and COSMOTE, Railway lead by FGC and WS, and Health lead by NPS. In the second session of the first day, partners discussed and selected the toolset for baseline prevention, detection and response. The first day ended with the review of the progress done in WP3 and WP4 for the PHOENI2X enablers, as well as for network and infrastructure management and orchestration and security assurance and certification.

The second day was organized in three sessions. First, innovation management and dissemination activities done in the last three months of the project were presented. In this session discussions were centred on standardisation activities and stakeholder engagement strategies. Second, integration, testing and use case validation activities were discussed. The meeting ended with a visit to the PPC’s Innovation Hub, where meeting hosts presented their infrastructure focussing on main aspects of the project, cybersecurity, recovery and incident response, and business continuity. The meeting concluded with an open discussion and wrap-up of the 4th plenary meeting.