PHOENI2X 1st Plenary meeting

The PHOENI2X 1st Plenary meeting has been celebrated the 3 and 4 of November, 2022, in Nicosia, Cyprus. The meeting was hosted by Sphynx Analytics. The meeting has raised a good opportunity to meet all project participants, and to share and discuss the project overall progress, work package objectives, overview of the work conducted the first months of the project, and definition of the roadmap for the different tasks for the first year of the project.

The first day of the meeting all PHOENI2X partners went through the work done on the project requirements, architecture and baseline establishment, AI-assisted situational awareness, prediction and response enablers, coordinated response and preparedness enablers, and dissemination activities. The meeting concluded with the definition of the upcoming actions for the following months for all these tasks.

The second day of the meeting, two sessions took place in parallel, one for the EU-Restraint/ Restricted activities and the other one for the definition of the PHOENI2X architecture. The EU- RES meeting partners discussed the use cases of the project, sharing the actual architectures, data and threats for the different pilots. In the PHOENI2X architecture meeting, technical partners discussed on the tools they will provide the project with, analyzing how they fit in the architecture, and how they will interact. The second day concluded with an open discussion and wrap-up of the meeting.