PHOENI2X kick-off meeting

The PHOENI2X project kick-off meeting has been celebrated the 18 and 19 of July, 2022, in Athens, Greece. The meeting brought together 16 partners from 8 European countries and was hosted by UPAT, the project coordinator. PHOENI2X aims to design, develop, and deliver a Cyber Resilience Framework providing Artificial Intelligence (AI) – assisted orchestration, automation and response capabilities for business continuity and recovery, incident response, and information exchange, tailored to the needs of Operators of Essential Services (OES) and of the EU Member State (MS) National Authorities entrusted with cybersecurity.

The goal of the kick-off was to trigger the discussions related to project objectives and the consensus of all the partners on how they will be met, the overview of the work to be done in the different work packages and a roadmap of the actions that should be undertaken for the first months of the project. During the two-day meeting, partners discuss at work package level identifying the key challenges to be addressed, as well as the measurable outcomes and KPIs.